Peakbusiness aims to provide small business users with a web authoring service that speaks their language. Although from time to time the internet needs special terms of its' own here at PeakBusiness the idea is to use plain and simple English as much as possible. I won't try to baffle you with jargon or tech talk.

I do not charge customers, or potential customers for help and advice all you ever pay for is the telephone call.

PeakBusiness does not charge for minor updates to your site, if you have a price that you need to update, or a photograph you wish to replace this will be done without cost.

PeakBusiness does not charge for working with your existing images. If you have original photographs these can be scanned or existing scans in most formats can be used.  I do respect copyright, if you do not own an image or have clearance to use it I will not use it.

PeakBusiness can take high quality digital photographs for use by you on your site or additional promotional material - please visit my photography site at for more details of this service and examples of my work.

I work largely on recommendations and is keen to keep its' reputation as a good company to work with. You are free to contact any of my customers and ask for their views.

Finally, if you have any questions please do make contact. Either use the e-mail button on the left of this site or the telephone numbers at the top of the site.