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Every week I give away a free 1024 X 768 image (ideal for your computer desktop). Just follow me on Twitter to receive the link, click here . . .


I enjoy working with images and can normally repair / correct / manipulate most images supplied either as an original print or a digital file. As so many of these images are of family members I do not post examples of my work here.

"So" you may ask "How do we know if you are any good ?"

How about this for a deal - I repair your image without any commitment from you to buy the result and then send you a low resolution version of the repaired image with my watermark on as a proof. If you like my work you pay me the agreed fee (Pay Pal only) and I send you the full sized high resolution file for you to print / store as you please. If you don't like my work I'll delete the file and it has cost you nothing for me to try.

"How much ?"

Prices start at £6 per image (bulk discounts are available for 'similar' images - please enquire)

"How long ?"

I aim to provide a 48 hour service but normally images are returned within less than  24 hours

"What can you do ?"

I have :-

   Removed 'strap marks' from brides.

   Repaired an image that had been torn up into 4 pieces

   Added colour to very faded images

   Repaired a precious image that had been chewed by the family dog

   Taken people out of 'boring' backgrounds and put them somewhere 'interesting'

   Removed background clutter / people

   Turned heads around to face the other way

"What can't you do ?"

Well there does come a time when there simply isn't enough of an image for me to work with and all I would be doing is guessing. This very rarely provides good results and I'll let you know if this is the case with your image.

"So what next ?"

E-Mail me and let me know what you are thinking of - by all means send me a small version to look at along with what you'd like doing and I'll quote you.



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